it’s not what we’re chasing

it’s what we do to achieve

it’s not the goals

it’s the process we have been through

it’s not about having everything you ever wanted

it’s the struggle you do

it’s not getting rid of things that made us feel insecure

it’s accepting ourselves as we are

it’s not about loving someone and expect them to love us back

it’s about our ability to love and -or- let go

it’s not about perfection

it’s how we deal with the opposite

it’s about living our life.

ikhlas. pasrah. berserah diri. narimo ing pandum.

don’t chase happiness. you might ended up not happy at all.




Hello WordPress…

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote here, time running fast and boom! It’s already June. Halfway to 2018!! So far, what have you done? What do you achieve this first six month of 2017?

Thinking about achievement, it hurts me a little, it’s so sad that I haven’t got anything matters this year. Yeah, just a regular year, another year of my life.

This year is my 20th birthday. An important number, which shows that you’re an adult now. But I see no difference , it’s just the same. Broke and single, and no new friends, and my writings still bad.

Some people might never change, I guess I’m that kind of people. Still skinny, still clumsy, still ugly, still addicted to bad puns and Harry Potter. Yup, I’m twenty and still reads Harry Potter, over and over again. And still can’t get over from my first crush *damn* , with zero circumstances to talk with him. Well, my life might be miserable, but I never get bored of it.

Today is Ramadhan day 12, and I can’t fullfill this Ramadhan coz the first 3 day of Ramadhan I get my period *sighhhhh*

Something new in this 2017 is my job, but I’m not proud of it. Desk job is not fun. Well at least I got a job. Even with unbelievably low salary and full hours 😔. But it’s okay, no, no, its not okay.

Anddd I never practice my English so it get worse, usually I practices English with my social media friends, one from Peru, and the other one is from India. Yup , no friends from native speakers.
But that one from Peru, we barely in touch, cuz time differences. While in Indonesia is 7 am on Wednesday, in peru is 7 pm on Tuesday. See? No chances. The one from India has always been so busy with his study and barely online. So I just reads some English articles and memes, trying to adding new vocabs to my brain. And write this, I hope that there is Grammar Nazi that reads this and they can kindly tell me the problem, so I can fix this writings.

Well, the another bad news in 2017 is so much bombs exploded, Afghanistan, Jakarta, Manchester, Syiria, feels bad man.. While here in Indonesia specially java, we made “mercon” or “petasan” or “meriam bambu” that creates explosion for fun during ramadhan, they’re toys like fireworks but a little bit dangerous, it’s like a bomb but without studs or pins that hurts people, but still, the blast can cause disease, for ears and hand if you hold it while lit it .

Well that’s all in my mind tonight, see ya next time,