it’s not what we’re chasing

it’s what we do to achieve

it’s not the goals

it’s the process we have been through

it’s not about having everything you ever wanted

it’s the struggle you do

it’s not getting rid of things that made us feel insecure

it’s accepting ourselves as we are

it’s not about loving someone and expect them to love us back

it’s about our ability to love and -or- let go

it’s not about perfection

it’s how we deal with the opposite

it’s about living our life.

ikhlas. pasrah. berserah diri. narimo ing pandum.

don’t chase happiness. you might ended up not happy at all.



Minor VS Major Society

Hello again WordPress


I just thinking about how it feels like to be a minority in the society we live in. In my whole life, I’ve never been become a minority, I was born in a Muslim and Javanese society. And I’ve never been get out from that circle till now, twenty years living in this world and always become a part of major society, I know, boring, right?

Becoming majority bring us benefits that major society always have, I mean we have same needs, same purposes, ( I’m not racist, Indonesia is the biggest cultural nation in the world , which have so much different faiths but always beautiful with its diversity) . But being a part of major society makes you less noticeable, something that makes me sad, and people always judge people based on their part of society, a.k.a generalization.

I always want to know how it feels, every time I see on the news, Muslims in western country being bullied because of their minority, I feel bad that I can’t help them and I also feel jealous that my faith have never been tested like them. I want to know how it’s like to be different from the society. Because here, in my own society, I just can’t fit properly. I am not good at social interaction at the first time, I am afraid that people seeing me by general stereotypes they knew. Maybe the stereotypes when become a minority is so much more extreme than majority, but that’s the challenge! Maybe by people looked at me differently, they can see the truly am 😀

Maybe I can change into the better person, that can see both side of majority and minority. Maybe I should get out of this island or even country to understands. But the problem is, I have no money or chance to go 😦

I hope that there’s a time in the future so I can experience how it’s like to be a minority. Amen.

Since I don’t have it, could you please share yours? So I can imagine it 😀

Thanks for reading, Wassalamualaikum..

Yogyakarta , June 2017