Minor VS Major Society

Hello again WordPress


I just thinking about how it feels like to be a minority in the society we live in. In my whole life, I’ve never been become a minority, I was born in a Muslim and Javanese society. And I’ve never been get out from that circle till now, twenty years living in this world and always become a part of major society, I know, boring, right?

Becoming majority bring us benefits that major society always have, I mean we have same needs, same purposes, ( I’m not racist, Indonesia is the biggest cultural nation in the world , which have so much different faiths but always beautiful with its diversity) . But being a part of major society makes you less noticeable, something that makes me sad, and people always judge people based on their part of society, a.k.a generalization.

I always want to know how it feels, every time I see on the news, Muslims in western country being bullied because of their minority, I feel bad that I can’t help them and I also feel jealous that my faith have never been tested like them. I want to know how it’s like to be different from the society. Because here, in my own society, I just can’t fit properly. I am not good at social interaction at the first time, I am afraid that people seeing me by general stereotypes they knew. Maybe the stereotypes when become a minority is so much more extreme than majority, but that’s the challenge! Maybe by people looked at me differently, they can see the truly am 😀

Maybe I can change into the better person, that can see both side of majority and minority. Maybe I should get out of this island or even country to understands. But the problem is, I have no money or chance to go 😦

I hope that there’s a time in the future so I can experience how it’s like to be a minority. Amen.

Since I don’t have it, could you please share yours? So I can imagine it 😀

Thanks for reading, Wassalamualaikum..

Yogyakarta , June 2017