Lagu yang jujur

We all know somebody who knows somebody who’s doing great, I know some people who know people who are flying straight

But I kindly enter into room of depression where ceiling fan and idle hands will take my life again

We live for the nights decor

It reveals what we dream of



it’s funny how I felt happy just because I knew what you think about certain things that I do think about.

even we’re not at the same side.


glad to know that you’re ok.


it’s not what we’re chasing

it’s what we do to achieve

it’s not the goals

it’s the process we have been through

it’s not about having everything you ever wanted

it’s the struggle you do

it’s not getting rid of things that made us feel insecure

it’s accepting ourselves as we are

it’s not about loving someone and expect them to love us back

it’s about our ability to love and -or- let go

it’s not about perfection

it’s how we deal with the opposite

it’s about living our life.

ikhlas. pasrah. berserah diri. narimo ing pandum.

don’t chase happiness. you might ended up not happy at all.